Update: SleepMuse

What’s New

  • Tweaked UI
  • Bug fixes

SleepMuse is a music timer for Android, featuring a simple UI which anyone can navigate. No longer will your phone constantly be playing music when you fall asleep, nor will you wake up with an almost dead phone.

Ready To Go: No more long process of setting up the app. With the beautiful radial dial timer, you can go from installing the app to timer set in just a few seconds.

Saves Battery: SleepMuse is very light on battery use, so you can ensure that once it stops your music, your phone battery will be conserved when you’re not using it.

Reduces Data Usage: If you are streaming music using Google Music and forget to turn it off when you fall asleep, your data will take a toll. But now you can rest assured that your data usage will not be affected.

Convenience: Want to make things even easier? SleepMuse will automatically open your music app once you start the timer so you don’t have to move a muscle.

Supported Apps: We are constantly working on supporting more and more music apps, next up we plan to support Samsung Music Player, HTC Music Player, Spotify, Pandora, and more.

 Play Store Listing ->


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